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Rights of Passage Transitional Living Program

Our highly motivated youth have another opportunity for housing and support while they work and finish their education. Rights of Passage (ROP) is a “university for street kids” residential program. ROP residents attend school and work between 50 to 55 hours a week. We provide 24/7 case management support while they build skills and resources for independent living. Kids save 40% of their income and contribute 20% for food and rent.

ROP residents have their own, more independent residence on our campus. We operate both a Girls and Boys ROP on-site. Together, the ROP community creates a weekly budget for meals and cooks dinner together in their communal kitchen.

Rights of Passage Statement of PurposeROP

ROP is a partnership between residents, staff, volunteers and mentors.

Our community is a loving, caring, and supportive environment, existing to provide a place for spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.

In our shared endeavor, we view each person as a unique and sacred human being.   We will always strive to provide relationships based on respect, honesty, and trust.  It is through these loving relationships that we will assist young adults in developing the tools for living a fulfilling life.

We uphold the worth of each young adult, so that they may achieve the basic human rights to meaningful employment, education, quality housing, and hopes for the future.

Permanent Supportive Housing

For our youth and young parents with a diagnosed disability, we offer Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH). We deliver long term housing, supportive services, health and mental health care, and financial assistance.