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Anyone who encounters this 18-year-old young man instantly notices there’s something special about him. He is quiet and polite, yet inquisitive and perceptive. When he was six years old, his mother and sister were both killed (his love of church & gospel music is a lasting tribute to his mom).

His remaining family took him in, but they drifted apart shortly after evacuating to Houston for Hurricane Katrina. On his own and without any guidance, he decided to move back to New Orleans and attempt to get by on his own.

Alone and lacking direction or supervision, the odds were against him.  After struggling for two years, he finally found the help and support he needed at Covenant House.

Timothy has been in our boys’ traditional living program for one year. Undeterred by hard work, he currently works six days a week in our “White Dove” landscaping program and has applied to a maritime training program. Already a high school graduate, he hopes to save enough money to one day put himself through college. His future plans include owning his own business.

In his own words, Timothy acknowledges “it will take years of practice and lots of integrity to become a good businessman.” We wouldn’t bet against him.