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kennethKenneth became mixed up with the wrong crowd at an early age. He was shot twice when he was just 13 years old. He dealt drugs for the next four years, ignoring the dangers and projecting an image of invincibility.

His circumstances changed at the age of 17 when his mother threw him out of the house, concerned for her own safety and for Kenneth’s younger sister. Taking initial steps to turn his life around, he stopped dealing drugs and landed a job as a dishwasher at a notable French Quarter restaurant. But soon afterwards, he was arrested for robbery. After six months in jail, Kenneth came to Covenant House for guidance.

With our assistance, he went back to the same restaurant to beg for a second chance. After a few months of part-time work, the kitchen staff recognized his potential and promoted him to a full-time position. He’s now learning how to cook and considering a culinary career.

Kenneth is a good kid who now takes full responsibility for his actions. He believes his mother did the right thing, that he deserved to go to jail, and that Covenant House can help him stay on the straight and narrow to build a real future for himself.